How Home Valuations Work

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get more home selling leads? Then your goals for 2019 should include adding the Home Value Guides home valuation tool to your real estate website. You may be wondering how a home value estimator can generate more actionable leads for your business without taking up a large

You know that new listings are essential to your real estate business. And you understand that having a home valuation tool on your website is a proven way to find likely home sellers and attract new listings. But capturing those leads and capitalizing on them in an efficient and painless way is paramount in order

Your listings are the bread and butter of your real estate business. Are you making the most of them? Listings are more than just data – they’re an opportunity for you to illustrate what it’s like to live in a home. By paying special attention to the details that comprise a listing, you’re creating a

You know that email is an essential component of your real estate marketing strategy. You’ve built your list and you’re sending out newsletters. Maybe you’ve discovered that it’s an excellent way to keep your leads engaged until they’re ready to buy or sell. But do you know how to really maximize this important resource? Let’s

If you’re a developer, you’re no doubt aware of the release of PHP 7. It was announced as a major event and is touted as performing up to three times better than it’s predecessor, PHP 5. But let’s get real – how many of you reading this know what PHP is or how it helps

The Power of WordPress

Your website, in many ways, is the hub of your real estate business. In our virtual world, it’s imperative that real estate brokers and agents have an easy-to-use website that takes advantage of the latest technology. If not, you risk losing clients to those that do. Here at Virtual Results, we believe in the power

One of the most pressing questions a potential home seller will have is how much their home is worth. Having an easy-to-use home valuation tool on your real estate website provides valuable information to homeowners that are beginning the selling process. But what are some of the other techniques that are used when homeowners want

Last month, we shared with you some basic tips on marketing your real estate business on Facebook. This month we’d like to take that knowledge and expand it, to help you create a Facebook page that stands out from the crowd, generates more leads, and helps you close more deals. Facebook has become an essential

You know how important leads are to your real estate business. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business at all. While you may be investing in your lead generation practices, if you aren’t responding to those leads in the best possible ways, you’re losing conversions. Let us outline for you some of the best practices