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Covid 19 Financial AID for Real Estate Agents: A New Website

Dear Virtual Results Members, Today I invite you and your team to register on our new site, Covid19 Financial Relief for Real Estate Professionals....

April 03, 2020

Under 6 Minutes = $10K Covid Financial Assistance

Watch at 2x speed w/no audio if you’ve only got 3 minutes. Please help spread the word! And let me know when you get...

April 01, 2020

Coronavirus Financial Help For Agents / Brokers

Demystify the patchwork of Coronavirus financial assistance programs coming soon and available now to Real Estate Professionals by joining a free special information webinar...

March 31, 2020

Student Loans Postponed

Today we received a notice Navient was postponing student loan payments “in the aftermath of a natural disaster or pandemic that impacted your area.”...

March 31, 2020


Step by Step: Create a Geo Targeted Ad in Google Ads (Adwords) Step #1 Step #2 Step #3 Step #4 Step #5 Step #6...

March 24, 2020