With every new Virtual Results member we have a tradition of adding a feature to the platform, in honor of our newest member, for everyone to enjoy. Today we are happy to announce to announce a very valuable feature enabling home searchers to select “school(s)” as a search criteria.

This solves an important challenge for young families when searching to buy or rent. For example, when my own family recently moved to Orange County the public school was actually MORE important to us than the home. We were willing to compromise on the home but not the school. I suspect many families feel similarly. However, since we couldn’t search for homes by school we were forced identify potential homes and run each individual address through the school’s ancient website in order to learn if the home qualified for attendance. Painful, right?

Try it out on any site running the latest Virtual Results Platform. We’ve found that most MLSes have at least one “Washington Elementary” so that’s a good query to try!