Announcing a new no-cost promotion from Virtual Results designed to increase your business. Participation is 100% optional and we need you to review the details and opt-in.

Listing Marketing Automation

Virtual Results recently launched Listing Marketing Automation, a service which automatically creates and runs listing ads based on their MLS status. It also tracks site visitors who viewed your exclusives and shows them ads for those listings on Facebook and Instagram (Retargeting). If a site visitor didn’t view your listing they are shown a carousel of your inventory and encouraged to return. The advertisement links direct visitors back to your specific listings, featured listings or homepage.

Additionally, your listing ads are posted to our new Elevate & Automate Facebook page and we attempt to take your business page to give your listings maximum exposure. Please, like our page to help us grow and receive page notifications.


  • Why are you doing this? 
    • A couple reasons, primarily it’s simply incredible that we CAN do something like this for our members and we’ve worked toward this goal for years. We believe we are in this together and helping you succeed will help Virtual Results grow.
    • Also, many of our members tell us they would LOVE to run retargeting ads but the complexity/cost is too much.
    • Soon we’ll have upgrade tiers available so members can increase ad budget and run the ads from their own Facebook pages, to take their online marketing to the next level!
  • Why are you asking permission? Who wouldn’t want this? Is there a catch? 
    • Agreed! However, consider that at this time we are not offering ad customization. We could also imagine that without this background information confusion and misunderstandings might arise. An agent might even inaccurately conclude “Elevate & Automate” is a real estate competitor advertising their listings. Of course, an agent might simply already have their online marketing in place.
  • Who is eligible and when can it start? 
    • This level of complex automation is made possible by our latest technology called the Virtual Results Platform. If you have upgraded / launched in 2019+ you are likely on the new platform. Just email support@ if you are unsure. We will be adding a couple members daily to the service to slowly monitor and troubleshoot. At that rate, rollout could take 6+ months. If you are especially excited to participate please email support@ and we will gladly make your site a priority.
  • What are your short term plans?
    • Our goal is to quietly roll this out and identify anything that prevents our members from viewing this as a gigantic benefit to them. Currently we are working to further customize ads in order to deliver increased branding for our members. Also, we will soon include additional ad layout options in cases where there are less than 3 listings required for the carousel format. Finally, creating reporting for our members is a top priority.
  • How do I opt-in? 
    • Simply send a quick email to [email protected]. Please include the link (url) to this page and let us know you Opt-in to Listing Marketing Automation. Please also include your website url.

Listing Marketing Automation Examples