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Listing Marketing Automation – Blog Creation

Automatic Just Listed / Just Sold Blog & Social Media Posts Virtual Results has recently developed a method to automatically create content (ie blog...

January 29, 2021


“How to Download My Zillow Testimonials?”

Real Estate Agents want to download their Zillow reviews. Why? Maybe testimonials are needed in a new listing presentation. A Website. Or something else...

January 28, 2021


Top Producer lead integration

Today we had an opportunity to revisit something called the Lead Meta Data format. LMD is a standard data format to be used in...

June 20, 2020


Interested in Less Spam?

Spam has always been bad online but wouldn’t you agree that this past year it’s become untenable? In fact we have had more than...

April 16, 2020


Create a short url / 301 redirection

Today I’m simply sharing a hands on demo where we show a member how to create a 301 redirect. What is a 301 redirect?...

April 14, 2020