Receiving fast autofill results is truly critical to providing users with an enjoyable search experience.

With our recent addition of CRMLS to the Virtual Results Platform our developers had to contend with more than 1 million results (including solds). Our autofill results – once lightening quick – suddenly ground to a halt.

1-Million+ results crushed our performance. 1+ second wait time. Ugh.

Wow, until now our autocomplete had worked amazingly quick  – but our previous data sets averaged some 30-thousand results.

We needed a new approach.

Today we are happy to announce the release of a complete code rewrite of our autofill. Better still, the performance is about 99% faster than before and 40% faster than our goal of 100 milliseconds.

Awesome, .04 Milliseconds!?!

So what does all this mean and why should you care?

Actually, our goal is that users don’t actually notice or care about details like these. But stuff like autofill speed is among the hundreds of small things that go into creating a good or bad user experience. And delivering results in speeds like this are critical if a user is to really get into the flow and experience zero friction in using your web tools.

Check it out in action in the video below!