Anu Sethi website on tablet and phone

Realtor Anu Sethi

Today Virtual Results is proud to welcome new member Anu Sethi. In her own words: “Anu Sethi is the realtor that understands the meaning of “home” more than any other. She understands that something perfect on paper isn’t perfect in reality. Through her own path in life – as an immigrant, wife, mother of two,

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TLDR: We’ve added a simple “Contact Us” option displayed on “No Results” search pages. Thank You to Virtual Results Members Megan & Ed of, who suggested this feature! Put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes for a moment… one minute your online home search is going swimmingly until it’s derailed by a “NO SEARCH

Submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools increases the likelyhood Google will index more pages on your real estate website. However, many agents are unaware that real estate listings are rarely included within website sitemaps. Therefore, it’s important to locate and submit IDX Sitemaps to GWT.   Links: Yoast Sitemap: Showcase IDX Sitemap:

Best Followup Boss IDX Integration

Today we are excited to announce The Virtual Results Platform’s Integration with Followup Boss CRM. Followup Boss is a powerful system used by many agents to better communicate with their team, clients and leads. When the Virtual Results Platform was made publicly available in early 2019 agents finally had access to a home search experience

Congrats to Kristen Fowler Group, a Mother/Daughter/Son team based out of Yorba Linda CA. Their new Virtual Results -… Posted by Virtual Results – Real Estate Websites, Technology & Online Marketing on Friday, January 18, 2019        

Dynamic Product Ads for Real Estate

Facebook dynamic ads automatically show ads for your listings to people who have expressed interest on your website. For Real Estate Agents, Dynamic Ads are a perfect because when someone views your listing it’s a great indication of interest and dynamic ads enable you to continue to target them. And the entire process is automated.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Advertising is hard enough without worrying about the technical details. Facebook’s “Pixel Helper” extension dramatically eases of the technical burden by providing Real Estate Agents an easy way to confirm their real estate website (or a specific landing page) is correctly firing their Facebook pixel. Here is how it works, Install the Chrome extension “Facebook

It’s an ongoing source of listing agent frustration. “Am I doing something wrong? Is it my website? Is it me? It’s my listing, why don’t I show up in Google’s search results for the listing address?” My actual video response to a frustrated (and confused) listing agent:   Every broker / agent needs and wants

MLS LIsting Sitemap screenshot

Eager to get the most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of your Real Estate Website? Yes, Duh. Good point. Well today Virtual Results Members have another reason to celebrate with the release of our new feature, IDX / MLS Listing Sitemaps. You can view a photo here in this blog post. It’s not going to