Today we are excited to announce The Virtual Results Platform’s Integration with Followup Boss CRM.

Followup Boss is a powerful system used by many agents to better communicate with their team, clients and leads. When the Virtual Results Platform was made publicly available in early 2019 agents finally had access to a home search experience that rivaled the national portals, such as Zillow and Redfin. The response has been tremendous and the platform continues to grow daily and offer new innovative features.

The Platform is laser focused on the front end search experience – it’s not a CRM. Followup boss is a battle hardened product backed by years of experience. So it’s a natural fit for many of our users who want X-ray Vision into what their leads and contacts are actually reading, clicking on and responding to online.

Integration Features:

  • VR IDX & Website Contact forms create new contact record (or update existing)
  • Website Contact form submissions create VR IDX account (if none exists) and sends user a welcome email *Coming Soon
  • New Contacts added to Followup Boss create VR IDX account and sends user welcome email (Optional) *Coming Soon
  • Pageviews recorded in Followup Boss
  • Property page views recorded in Followup Boss
  • Saved Searches Recorded in Followup Boss
  • Listing Email Alert read receipts recorded in Followup Boss *Coming Soon
  • VR IDX leads tagged in Followup Boss with zip code and city of inquiry, price of listing is recorded
  • Source of leads (PPC/Facebook/ETC) are recorded in Followup Boss
  • 1-click autologin (no password) from Followup Boss to user’s IDX account (create/adjust saved search/etc)
  • Profile changes in Followup Boss sync to VR IDX profile (name, phone, email) *Coming Soon