by February 21, 2020

Email remains the most powerful marketing platform available today. But it can easily become pretty overwhelming with details, complexities and costs. Who needs that?

Virtual Results makes it dead simple with our Ceaseless Communication strategy.

  1. Every month you will receive a “time to select your message” email.
  2. Select your favorite message and approve.
  3. Soon each of your contacts will receive a surprisingly nice email message, keeping you top of mind.

Why it Works:

  1. The Virtual Results Platform automatically adds all new contacts to your Sphere of Influence email list.
  2. Human? We get it. If you simply don’t make a message selection our system will do it for you. (It honestly isn’t important to craft the perfect message. It’s about staying top of mind).

Questions & Help:

For more information and questions please reach out to our wonderful support at [email protected] or