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If you’re not maximizing the potential of your real estate website, then you’re missing out on a very valuable asset. In our digital age, a well-designed and informative website is an essential tool for lead generation and sales. The National Association of Realtors reported in 2017 that more than 90 percent of real estate firms

Finding homeowners who are ready to sell is a big priority for any real estate agent. In many markets, agents are faced with a shortage of inventory, which can be particularly frustrating when you have motivated buyers. Finding homeowners who may be on the fence and convincing them to sell is the key to your

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Facebook Marketing Basics

There are more than two billion users on Facebook worldwide. Are you tapping into this market the way you could be? Facebook represents a huge opportunity for real estate agents to generate leads, but few are actually using it to its fullest potential. In order to capitalize on what this social network can offer your

If you’re not thinking of your real estate business as a brand, you’re missing a key component of your marketing strategy. Establishing your real estate brand goes beyond simply creating a logo. It means crafting a compelling identity and message, and effectively communicating them to your target audience. Let us break down the essential questions

You may have great blog content for your real estate website, but people just won’t click if your headlines aren’t catchy. A mediocre title can stand in the way of connecting you with potential readers who could genuinely benefit from the information you’re sharing. Crafting the perfect title means more clicks, more traffic, and better

  Are you looking for a way to make your real estate website really stand out and create more value for both your current clients and potential clients? If so, adding a home valuation tool to your website may be just what you are looking for. In fact, there are many reasons why having home

Today’s real estate agents understand the power of social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great marketing tools, and the best real estate agents know how to leverage them for lead generation and sales. But what about LinkedIn? Although this social network is known for connecting professionals, its secret superpower is generating leads. In fact,

In Sept, 2018, The Virtual Results Award™ will be presented to John McMonigle and The McMonigle Group for their outstanding 2018 television ad campaign. Congratulations to John and everyone at The McMonigle Group for their outstanding accomplishment. The star of Bravo’s Real Estate Wars series (and Virtual Results member) John McMonigle recently launched a new

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