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Ryan Rockwood
Ryan Rockwood
Recently Virtual Results added Google-approved code to testimonials in to identify the content as a testimonial to search engines. It even identifies to Google the agent who received the testimonial! The technical term is, “markup schema.” It happens automatically. You won’t see the schema or even have to lift a finger. 
Also, we added an aggregate ratings feature. This identifies to search engine’s the site’s average star rating and the total number of reviews. That code has been added to the homepage, listing and testimonial archive pages.

Notice the star ratings? That’s Review Schema.

And a related upgrade, Virtual Results members may now link a testimonial directly to the relevant listings. It’s such an obvious advantage that we can’t believe we haven’t already done this.
Here is how it works. When adding a testimonial you can simply select the approprate listing prior to saving. The testimonial will now appear on the listing itself in addition to the testimonial archive page, homepage, agent page, and whereever else it’s configured to display. 
Enjoy these improvements and I hope you are asking for reviews on every closing!
*Features currently available on Limelight. Goodlife Design will have it shortly. 

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