Real Estate Schema Generator

Jump to the bottom of this page to Virtual Results’ real estate schema generator for real estate agents. The code you create will identify you as a real estate agent to Google and other search engines. Once you have your code, place it in the footer of your website – or ask your webmaster to help. When you are done you can use the Google Structured Snippet Tool to test the homepage of your website, so you know the code is accurate.

Important note: Please be sure to use the same Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) across the web, including your own website (with schema)!


What are citations?


Citations are simply websites online where you can list your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). There are several valuable enough that you should do them yourself. Those sites include:

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube

Real Estate Sites: Your Office / brokerage website(s), Zillow / Trulia,

Citation building for Real Estate


If you are eager to rank for Local SEO keywords, you won’t be satisfied with just the citations listed above. However, there are dozens of sites online it’s simply not a valuable use of your time to visit each site to register, complete a profile, verify your account, correct mistakes, suppress duplicate listings and hope your listings is published.

We recommend you consider a citation building service to complete your citations with speed, accuracy and convenience.


Citation Services Compared


We have compiled a list of items to consider when selecting a Citation Building Service



Yext VR Local Mozlocal
Speed Instant 30 – 90 Days Months
Number of sites 55+ 4 Aggregators / 100s of sites 9+
Review Monitoring Some n/a Upgrade Required
Duplicate suppression Upgrade Included Included
Cancellation policy Listings removed Listings intact Listings removed
Price $499/yr $99/yr $84/yr
Buy Yext Buy VR Local Buy Moz


Intent to Do-It-Yourself? No worries! Download our full list of sites that are great places to get Citations, including Real Estate niche citations.


Real Estate Schema Generator


Double check your schema looks good using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.