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Ryan Rockwood
Ryan Rockwood

File this under, “Stuff that shouldn’t need a tutorial,” right? Gmail is an ever evolving beast however and, like me, you might find yourself needing to send off that important email by Noon on Friday and then – BAM – you get stumped by something simple.

Insert image, add hyperlink, save. Easy peasy? Nope.

Here is what common sense gets you:

Failing to link image in gmail body

So much for common sense!


The bad news is that an online search reveals hundreds of tutorials on how to overcome this exact problem. Why is that bad news? Because apparently Gmail users have run into this issue for more than 7 years and the dated tutorials offer helpful workarounds that no longer work.

The good news is linking an image in the body of a Gmail email is still 100% doable. Unfortunately, you can’t expect your office to cheer your brilliance because everything believes they already know how and it’s common sense.

Here is the solution:

  1. Open/compose a new email
  2. Delete any preexisting text (signature, etc)
  3. Add image
  4. Click in the email body, Select All (right click/select all or Control-A)
  5. Click the hyperlink icon (chain)
  6. Add hyperlink
  7. Delete anything in the TEXT portion
  8. Save

The proof:


Feel free to right-click and save this image if you would like to see the image dimensions used. Please share if you found this helpful.


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