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Ryan Rockwood

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Ever buy a first model year car? You know it’s risky but you just can’t help it. It feels like your life is going to CHANGE somehow once you’re behind the wheel. And once you are in that new car life is totally glorious – until the left blinker gets stuck on.

Ah, such is the risk and reward of the early adopter. This week, I experienced some ups and downs with the launch of the new Dot-Realtor Domains. Actually, it was mostly downs. I spent a lot of time on hold listening to their Musak. But to their credit, I was able to get a hold of someone eventually. They couldn’t really do anything about my problem but it’s still nice to talk with someone, sometimes.

We setup one domain without a hitch at http://michaelmccann.realtor but we have been waiting about 3-4 days (should take 3 minutes) to see http://mikemccann.realtor go live. Dot-Realtor insists everything is setup correctly on their end. I’ve been speaking to a nice person over there named Beverlee. Just in case, their support number is 1-800-874-6500. Hopefully you won’t need it.

The point of this email today is just to update everyone the process and share my setup tips. I even have a quick video to share, showing you exactly how to login and configure your new Dot-Realtor domain.

One tip I have to share that may or may not be grounded it fact: Don’t test out the Dot-Realtor Email forwarding feature. I have sneaking suspicion that is what has caused my grief. (I know, it doesn’t make any sense).

Enjoy the video and feel free to share your site(s) and your experience. How has the process gone for you?

Your friend in Real Estate Online Marketing,

Ryan Rockwood
888-997-3785 x703

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Ryan Rockwood
Ryan Rockwood  ·  03 Nov 2014

Update – It seems like the Dot Realtor backend is now updating faster. After waiting a few more days and still no progress, I updated the DNS settings to revert back to Dot Realtor defaults. That change happened within MINUTES.

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