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Ryan Rockwood

Table of contents

  1. Create an adwords account
  2. Setup your campaign
  3. Select your Farm / Location
  4. Create your own animated banner ad
  5. Real results (what can I expect?)
  6. Download ads you can modify and use (Photoshop files)
  7. How to upload your own ad into Adwords
  8. Professional resources to get custom banner ads created / modified

Create a Google Adwords account or login to your existing account. If you currently have a Google account (Youtube, Gmail, etc) you may create your Adwords account with that user/pw, for convenience. Also, new accounts qualify for $75 worth of ads free from Google, after spending $25. Get your code and learn the rules for use here.


Brand new Adwords account? Google has a (normally) helpful wizard to get you setup. Our issue is that we are not creating the normal text ad for Google. So to get past the wizard, you must complete follow the setups… add some keywords, write a simple ad, etc. Do the minimum and do it quickly, then pause that campaign and follow the directions below.


updated wizard



Now PAUSE that campaign (we are not going to use that), and let’s get going!



Now let’s start. You may see a screen like this


Or like this… both options will work great!


Select “Display Network only” from the dropdown.



Select radio button “Let Me Choose” and click Advanced Search, under locations.


Select tab “Radius Targeting”


Enter an address or a town. Remember to adjust the radius! When satisfied, don’t forget to click ADD (red, middle top) and DONE (blue, bottom left) !




Start with a budget that you can comfortably maintain for 30 days. You can always change it.


Default settings are mostly fine. But we will limit impression to 2x per user / per day.


Name your ad group and set a default bid. Select demographics from “other” dropdown.






For now, we will stick with the default of everyone. When you get more experienced you’ll want to return here and narrow your audience.




Scroll to the bottom of the page and save/continue.



This step is a little counter intuitive. Because we are going to use the Ad Gallery / Ad builder we will select SKIP AD CREATION at this point!



Finally, the settings are out of the way. Let’s create some ads! Select “Ad Gallery”


Select General Purpose Ads.





We recommend this simple template to start


You may toggle through the different size options. Remember, if one size just doesn’t work you will be able to disable it! Do not hesitate to do so. It is very challenging to make an ad look good in every format. Click ‘Select ad sizes”



We recommend you un check ALL sizes except 300 x 250 for your first ad – just to keep things more simple,


Now begin filling out the ad details. You do NOT have a lot of room to write!



Make use the “My Site” option under “Select image from:” dropdown. This is an easy way to upload photos and graphics.


Google found our “Headshot”. It’s OK but looks a little tiny. Select CROP image from the dropdown.


These images are small. Let’s zoom in on that face!


Note how we are using the “Recommended” dropdown? Use that until you are a pro.


What an improvement. Soon we’ll be getting stopped for autographs.


Note that some options don’t really matter, such as “Ad name” or “display URL” but you still need them.


Now SAVE that ad!


Next, head on over to Billing. You’ll need to enter your Credit Card if you want to play on Google’s team.


Proceed through the typical account setup.


Your ad will likely be running within 60 minutes.


At any time you can modify your budget. Just click on the Budget/day.


Also, feel free to click the GREEN circle and then Edit/Pause to turn your campaign off!





What sort of results can you expect? It really depends on how large the radius, dense the population and your budget. However, in one campaign we have selected a 1 mile radius in a high end southern California neighborhood. The ad and the results from the past 30 days are below shown below (ad is edited for agent privacy)







 Want to get started but need some help? Use our ad templates. Customize with your own images/messages!

Just Listed / Just Sold Ad – Download

Just Sold - 300x250r

“Neighborhood expert” banner ad. Examples below. Download high resolution ads –  neighborhood expert.

banner728x90 banner300x250 banner250x250 728x90banner 300x250banner 250x250banner


 Featured Neighborhood(s) ads. Click to download Featured neighborhoods

120x600 160x600 200x200 250x250 300x250 336x280 468x60 728x90



Ready to use your own ad, such as one of our provided templates?

Adjust the ad creation process and upload your images (see screenshots below). Again, we recommend starting with just 1 image size until you are comfortable with the process.


upload2 upload3

Resources to customize these ads or create your own masterpiece from scratch:
*Disclaimer, we are not affiliated with nor do we necessarily recommend these vendors. List is provided as a courtesy only. 

Banner Ad Queen – Renown display ads, particularly for direct response high conversion offer ads

$20 Banner Ads – Good low cost banner ads

Fiverr.com – Incredible & abysmal quality ads (and a lot more) starting at just $5

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